Our Story

Xerxes Leather, owned and founded by two friends and classmates of an environmental science course. Once, the two happened to be in a class together side by side and happened to watch documentaries projected on the smart-boards of their classroom depicting the rights of animals and how they are ruthlessly abused in farms and leather industries year by year and day by day due to the staggering increase in the demand for genuine leather. It also lit up an indirect understanding of how the animals seem as inanimate objects. Now the one phrase that could be used to describe the two friends is ‘leather fanatics’. 

These two friends were die-hard zealots and enthusiasts when it came to collecting exotic genuine leather products which represented nothing but a fortune to them. After that, the two friends headed to their class’ field trip spot which was a leather industry. The two friends were assigned to click some photographs of the caged animals going through inadmissible treatment in the oppressively unendurable environment. It looked to the two as though the animals saw death with the closest of lenses. The two classmates saw the animals flinch, weep, and tremble upon getting struck to their last breath. The more the two zoomed in on the animals, the more they got the apprehension of their genuine leather enthusiasm which caused to evoke discernment and resulted in the refinement of their perspective regarding the environment. 

They then started to perceive their genuine leather collection as a collection of by-products of mass cruelty and renounced their passion and desire to genuine leather. Subsequently, the friends got enlightened and instilled with the inspiration to bring a change in their environment by first diverting people from purchasing genuine leather to purchasing vegan leather by building a high convincing power. They researched to acquire knowledge to obtain a thorough understanding of vegan leather which they read to be a better substitute to genuine leather due to it being in alignment with animal rights alongside with being environmentally friendly. When they delved deeper to see which of the types of vegan leather was more eco-friendly and elegant, they found polyurethane to be far more eco-friendly and their material to be arguably far more elegant than the other types. The two persisted on to pursue more knowledge to the point where they initiated a brand called Xerxes Leather with the hope of being granted the honor to save millions of animals while achieving customer satisfaction through fulfilling customer needs and wants.