The Truth About Genuine Leather

Leather; one of the most searched and valued clothing materials in the world. Its diversity ranges from salmon leather to horse leather, snake leather and crocodile leather which are all categorized as genuine leather meaning they originate from a living source. Moreover, leather also originates from corks known as cork leather and straw materials known as straw leather to leather made from chemicals, that too in a variety of origins such as leather made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC that have high toxic emissions to the environment. Leather can be made from Polyurethane or PU that has a significantly lower amount of toxic emissions that are highly conducive for our environment which all of them are grouped as vegan leather or synthetic leather and have a lower physical and an environmental loss that helps to lessen emotional tensions.

Fashion norms these days are shaping the minds of the people and their ways of clothing in a highly influential manner that is leading to a distorted perceiving of style & clothing. The fashion industry which gives high regard to clothing sourcing from live animals is greatly concerning especially due to the immense negative effect it has placed in the minds of the people that has led to a drastic change in their thoughts and favor. This norm which sets materials made from animal hides as exotic has lead to highly sociopathic thinking of the society where animals get skinned, boiled, tanned alive for their skin to possess a higher quality is found to be acceptable and widely practiced is appalling.

The severe butchering of animals is unironically equated to high comfort and a lavish lifestyle which is truly sickening if thought through for a mere second. Why have we become like this? Why have we collectively adopted this devilish thinking which supports and favors the open killings of animals and equates it to luxury and the utmost comfort? We should be standing against this in an upright manner and favor for environmental-friendly polyurethane vegan leather brands instead of favoring deadly genuine leather brands, that promise to offer the comfort that originates from utter brutality. We don’t want that type of comfort, we want comfort that is through a result of no cruelty in order to feed us that positive inert feeling, in order to give us that true comfort and that true long term happiness. Buy vegan leather fabric, search for the vegan leather jacket, favor high-end vegan leather bags, high-end vegan leather purses, and high-end vegan leather jackets if you really want to have that true long term happiness.

How can we have true satisfaction when it is through a result of true pain and agony? Why have we forsaken these unvoiced animals and treated them as though they have no emotions and are inanimate objects that can be used and disposed of? Only if we had seen animals get stabbed, skinned, boiled, hung, tanned alive in person before our eyes would we have come to a realization of how truly discomforting it is to even see the product which is a byproduct of that (let alone just wearing it). For a lavish lifestyle where we travel and catch the attention of the people, we don’t need leather interiors for cars, we don’t need to search for leather biker jackets or leather motorcycle jackets and fine leather goods and accessories for motorcycles. Instead, we can search for vegan leather interiors for cars, vegan leather biker jackets or vegan leather motorcycle jackets, and fine vegan leather goods and accessories for motorcycles. In order to have high-end comfort in our homes, we don't need to have exotic upholstery leather for home, we can instead have exotic vegan leather upholstery for homes that won’t just offer physical comfort but also offer utmost inner comfort and true happiness with true satisfaction. Those high-end Italian leather products would only be high end for a small span of time and offer great comfort but if you really put in front the thought of how it came about, then only you would feel that dissatisfaction. Regardless of how well advertised their products are, you would still feel disheartened by the fact that these brands are being prideful of their genuine leather products and by the fact that leather suppliers are openly supplying byproducts of extreme cruelty without being faced any disapproval.

Some famous top leather brands advertise that they sell leather made from buffalo skin (buffalo leather) and offer products such as buffalo leather briefcases, custom handmade buffalo leather messenger bags and other ‘fine’ leather goods for either gender claiming that the durability of buffalo leather is top-notch and it is the best fit for all. It is indeed all a marketing gimmick and nothing but a contribution to the distorted fashion norm that gives utmost regard to leather products that have a distinctive and unique living origin i.e. buffalo, horse, crocodile, etc and labels it as being the topmost durable and long-lasting. Well, in reality, this causes nothing apart from speciesism and results in nothing other than species being critically endangered and even extinct at some point. Keep in mind that these species have very important roles in maintaining balance in the ecosystem, which means they aren’t there for being hunted down and brutally killed for brands to obtain a unique selling point. We should be managers of our surroundings and be aware of genuine leather products especially leather products that are made from the skin of a unique species as the species can get endangered which could cause great harm to our ecosystem. We should all contribute to the conservation of such species by favoring synthetics over real ‘exotic’ ‘luxurious’ ‘comfortable’ leather material. We can also conserve our unique endangered species by upholding the art and potential of synthetic leather or vegan leather over real leather or genuine leather.

We should deter our environment from worsening by altering our thoughts to favoring vegan leather by going through the utmost refinement of our perspective regarding the environment through first clearing all the misleading gimmicks in the genuine leather clothing and accessories world from our minds and then perceive it as nothing but a lead way to catastrophe and topmost destruction of our ecosystem. We should take part in leather workshops and present the art of vegan leather and how it can end up having an upper hand to genuine leather in terms of quality and look. We should have a vegan leather art exhibition and meet with top local and international leather craftsmen and showcase the art of synthetic leather or artificial leather including its availability in a range of colors. Manufacturing genuine leather which is white in color (white leather) is extremely difficult and is very prone to cracks and flaws, but with the aid of environmentally friendly polyurethane, we can now offer well manufactured white synthetic leather that is not prone to any sort of flaws. We can learn and perfect our leather craftsmanship and present the utmost benefit of vegan leather for the sake of the unvoiced weeping caged animals that are on the verge of death.

People should always be in support of the good cause and help our world grow and prosper. We should buy and demand vegan leather products or plant-based products to save all the animals from getting silenced forever. If we buy and favor plant-based materials and products then those leather suppliers and genuine leather brands who used to sell genuine leather would change their path to selling plant-based materials and products. Imagine the collective change we can make if we don’t suppress our voices and think low of the power we have as individuals to change the world. In order to higher the demand for plant-based leather products, we need to start purchasing plant-based leather products. After all imagine the peace and serenity that will be instilled in us after we have bought a whole set of vegan leather furniture and recommended our neighbors to have vegan leather furniture set in their houses. Imagine how many animals in species we have prevented from getting killed and how many meters of their skin we have prevented from getting tanned and boiled. If you are truly willing to create a change in the world, then you should initiate by adopting and enacting that into your life first then spread the message to your surroundings, then if you gain power and influence you should spread the message further and further until the truth of genuine leather production gets unveiled before the eyes of people who fall into this and contribute to this abuse.